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    An Integrated Source of Truth

    The Right Data, Right Where You Need It

    Hudu integrates with all leading IT management tools to ensure you have all the data you need, right where you need it.

    Integrations That Work the Way You Want to Work

    Our software helps your team reduce data silos, consolidate essentials like passwords and expirations, and freely expand your tech stack.

    • Structured Integrations

      Hudu’s approach to connecting with RMM, PSA, and other adjacent applications is simple: enable data to flow in a structured and helpful way to create a single source of truth for technicians and users.  



    • From All Your Systems

      Because we’re not tied to any one technology or platform, Hudu integrates with all leading IT management tools. Choose from pre-built native, third party tools, or Hudu your way with our REST API.



    • Making Staff and Systems More Efficient

      Navigating integrated systems is seamless with Hudu Assist, our browser extension feature that securely provides essential data, like passwords and knowledge articles, when in adjacent software.









    Create-bro_Integrations - Approach

    Hudu’s Approach to Integrations

    Hudu integrations act as bridges to your other tools, like RMM and PSA, to keep everything in sync and streamlined. Because we’re the only independent company focused on IT documentation, we keep the focus on your needs, not those of a parent company or other interest.