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    Hudu FAQs

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a customer portal where customers can see some or all of their information?

    Yes, you can configure a read-only customer portal and grant access to those customers you want to share with.

    How does self-hosting work and is it easy to set up?

    The self-hosted environment is fully docker-ized and can be set up on an internal server or a VM of your choice. Visit our Help Center or submit a support ticket for more information.

    Do you provide support for migrations from another documentation tool?

    We fully support migration via export/import. You can also find third party API scripts in our Hudu community. For help with those scripts it is best to reach out to the author 

    Can you control who can update/author KB articles? Is there an approval flow or process?

    Creating security groups and restrictions, not only restrict or allow changes to KB articles, they can be applied to control access to certain information, tools, and or entire clients

    Do you have an Android app?

    Yes, there is both an Android and IOS version of our mobile app 
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