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    Release Notes

    Release: Hudu

    hero swoop

    + Highlighted Features

    • Filtering on assets and passwords
    • Added Kaseya BMS Integration to sync contacts and accounts
    • Bulk Manage Delete Personal Passwords
    • New Vault Passwords page
    • Be able to change SMTP settings from within the Hudu Admin

    + QOL Updates

    • Activity Feed exports now include date & time
    • Ability to switch between old and new OTP
    • Default select password folder when adding new password
    • New integration page
    • Make the company breadcrumbs sticky
    • Be able to clear configuration types from integrations
    • View app type (mobile app, browser extension, or main app) when viewing activity logs

    + Integrations Updates/Fixes

    • Add assigned user and Last Signed in User to Syncro Sync

    + General Fixes

    • Fixed Photo caption not saving bug
    • Fixed Bulk Move for companies
    • Fixed exporting when using all UTF8 characters
    • Fixed Password folder bugs
    • Fixed non-Admin getting an error when removing Favorites

    + API Fixes/Updates

    • Added Ability to filter articles by draft status
    • Password folder – list company ID

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