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    Release Notes

    Release: Hudu

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    • Having trouble finding passwords for a client? Fret no more, as we have added Password Tagging and Colors to easily distinguish and organize passwords.
    • Before we move on from password improvements, did we mention passwords are now easier than ever to utilize? Our new layout makes it easy to grab usernames, passwords, OTP codes, and see security info, without having to click around pages!
    • Sometimes you need to move KB folders to reorganize your article and guides. In the latest release, this is one “Edit Folder” button click away.
    • Two new integrations: HaloPSA and Mapbox. With HaloPSA, you can sync companies, contracts, sites, and users. With Mapbox, a new interactive map will be displayed on each client automatically. Did we mention you can use custom map styles in Mapbox to brand your maps in cool and unique ways? Check out the Mapbox Gallery for inspiration:
    • Previously, we’ve allowed you to customize your Hudu in almost every way, but one: customizing the Dashboard. Hudu includes the option to customize your Main Dashboard to fit the way you personally want to see it!
    • Our search bar isn’t a button anymore, and just lets you search when you want to search. Need we say more? 😂
    • Improvements to the ConnectWise Manage integration: now agreements will sync in to the new Company Summary section, and additional info is synced into each contact, and client.
    • Hudu Self-Hosted now loads up to 20x faster when updating the server!
    • Improvements to the DattoRMM integration – auto-archiving of deleted devices and auto-renaming options when things change!
    • Improvements to the Phone Jump Ability in Hudu. Now, when a phone call comes in, you can see the contact who called, and basic company info on the same page!
    • Sortable tables are coming to Hudu…finally! Our first version of sortable tables comes to the Clients/Companies list, where you can easily find and filter Clients. Sortable tables will be coming soon to all tables across Hudu.
    • A new block called the Company Summary allows for easy reading of a companies overview information as you head into a Client.

    Full release notes:

    • Processes has got an overhaul in design and functionality. Processes with lots of tasks now load much faster and efficiently.
    • Password Tags. You can now categorize passwords via tags in clients.
    • Password Colors. You can now easily distinguish between passwords with colors.
    • Customizable Dashboard. You can now modify which widgets are displayed on the dashboard and in which order.
    • HaloPSA integration. You can now sync info from HaloPSA.
    • integration. You can now display automatic maps for each client, theme-able in many different styles.
    • New Company Summary section allows for easy visibility for a client.
    • Sorting/Filtering table for the list of companies. The same sorting/filtering will be coming to all tables soon.
    • New Header that is simpler and removes the search bar as a button, instead making it a normal search bar for easier navigation.
    • Searching by a company number will now find the company.
    • The Hudu Self-Hosted setup now loads up to 10x faster on first setup, and when updating the instance, and reduces a lot of the visual output that was there before while setting it up.
    • Be able to move KB folders
    • Password/OTP improvements
      • You can now add files/attachments to passwords
      • New Password List design – easier access to copying information and easier to highlight PWNED vulnerabilities, and when a password is being shared
      • Ability to copy OTP in Lists
      • Ability to copy OTP from embedded passwords
    • ConnectWise Manage sync improvements
      • Agreements now sync in to the Company Summary
      • Contact Type syncs from CW Manage.
      • Add company type to CW manage sync
    • Name Standardization for Assets. You can designate a list of options for new assets to keep your naming structure the same across assets of a type. Find it in Hudu Admin -> Assets -> Edit Asset Layout.
    • Learn Hudu -> A nice way to learn how to use Hudu directly in the header of your Hudu instance.
    • Ability to test outbound connections to the billing server.
    • API Enhancements
      • Companies – Filter by id
      • Companies -> Ability to see/set parent company
      • Filter folders by internal id
      • Add folder id to get articles endpoint
    • Company Jump Ability
      • Company Jump now works on company phone numbers too
      • Company Jump when done on a contact now will take you to the company dashboard, but with a special section to also display the contact’s information
    • Fixed phone number formatting for international numbers
    • Fixed bug in activity log that reported wrong user name when viewing OTP codes
    • Improved searching in KB
    • Fixed share button in Safari
    • Folders get highlighted in the sidebar better (more visible)
    • Fix DateTime bug with the date field in Assets
    • Authors can now see revision history of passwords
    • Fix bug with editor images when added to PDFs
    • Fix bug with Domotz syncing
    • Add ability to change user profiles from admin
    • Fix bug preventing deletion of company when there is a KB folder inside.
    • Add 48, 72 hour, 1 week timeouts to session length
    • Bulk match option for integrations
    • Company importing from CSV – information now matches as well for existing companies
    • Flag Types moved to first part of admin section, instead of at bottom
    • Atera Improvements – Now syncs primary serial number to API for lookups
    • Domotz – Ability to filter only important devices
    • Autotask and Datto RMM Improvements
      • Much faster sync overall
      • Fix bug with configuration syncing
      • Ability to only sync
      • Auto-archive old and deleted assets
    • Schools and Hospitals added as segmentation choices for your documentation

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