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    Release Notes

    Release: Hudu

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    Happy July!

    In this new version of Hudu, we have lots of cool and exciting updates.

    + New Features

    • Global Password Folders – You can now create global password folders that allow you to customize which groups and users can see the information. They are set globally, so it’s the easiest method of securing passwords in bulk
    • New KB Design – The KB has a new refined design that makes it easier than ever to learn information. When in a company KB, the company sidebar is now on the side (and isn’t hidden like before) for easier navigation!
    • Add PDF Files Directly to the KB – Sometimes, your KB articles are not in Hudu format. Now, you can directly add PDFs to the KB and they will be treated like a Hudu KB – with the ability to share them out as well!
    • Article Templates – Many times, you will want to standardize your KB with templates. You can make any article a KB template, and then easily re-use them!
    • Default Group – You can now create a default security group that will be used for adding new users

    + Changes

    • New design for the Company Overview page
    • Additional security policies added to sign-in
    • Add Process Kickoff to API
    • HR Line in the text editor option
    • Once you enter an OTP secret, the secret will now no longer be shown. They can still be downloaded by an admin+ in Hudu Admin > Exports
    • Company Type is now added when exporting Company CSV’s

    + QOL Updates

    • Adding users in Hudu Admin is now more intuitive
    • New Company Sidebar Design – much more intuitive and resizable
    • Child Company List is now sorted alphabetically
    • You can now set a default time zone for new users account-wide
    • On the companies page, it now displays logos of recent companies
    • Be able to sort the My Favorites list
    • Bulk Manage Clients (ability to archive them)
    • Add indicator to related items when an item is archived
    • Add ability to filter by ID to /assets in API
    • Expirations can now be seen by all users
    • Editors now have access to documentation tools

    + Integration Updates/Fixes

    • New Ninja Integration – We now use the Ninja API V2, which will allow for more abilities to pull in information.
    • New Halo PSA integration – The sync is more reliable, and we’ve added the ability to sync assets from HaloPSA
    • Add Serial Number, Model, Manufacturer to Pulseway RMM integration
    • Fix Quickpass integration – button didn’t add the correct permissions to the API key

    + General Fixes

    • Fix Docker Container Reporting
    • Restore the default browser spell check in the editor
    • Fix Expiration Alerts not sending
    • Activity Log paging issue fixed
    • Fix OTP not working exactly like Google Authenticator/Microsoft Authenticator in some cases

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