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    Release Notes

    Release Update: Hudu 2.1.3

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    Today we are releasing Hudu 2.1.3.

    This version includes a number of our most anticipated features, as well as some bug fixes, and a small redesign of the Hudu platform.

    New features

    • OTP generator. You can now generate One-Time Passwords from an application’s secret key. This makes sharing credentials that require 2FA/MFA super easy!
    • Companies synced with Microsoft 365 will now display active/inactive license information. Once you have a company synced, you will see it on the company dashboard.
    • Themes. You can now brand your Hudu independently of your company design. You have 6 new themes to choose from, with more coming soon!
    • Integration with Watchman Monitoring. We are now integrated with Watchman and can now bring in up-to-date information about computers in your system, for each of your Hudu companies!
    • Duo MFA Push integration. You can now enable Duo Push Authentication for an easy way to securely protect your documentation.
    • New design. You will notice most parts of your Hudu app will have received a fresh coat of paint. We have tried to streamline the interface, while making it easier to get to the content you need.
    • Expiration listings got an upgrade. It’s now easier than ever to view your upcoming expirations. Counts in the sidebar now only show active, un-expired expirations.
    • Enhanced Asset Sorting capabilities for CW Manage, Syncro, and Pulseway RMM. You can selectively choose which asset layouts your devices/configurations will flow into, based on their type in the integration.
    • You can now generate quick PDFs of Knowledge Base Articles.
    • Phone numbers will now be auto-formatted based on locale.
    • You can change the start of the week to start on Sunday, or Monday.
    • If a website/asset has active expirations, they will now be shown on the sidebar of the website/asset. This makes it much easier to identify if your documentation has an active expiration associated with it!
    • Uploaded PDFs will now open in a modal window for easy previewing. You still have the ability to download them, after the modal is opened.
    • Quickly add new process tasks using our Bulk Insert function.
    • Fast Facts. You can now quickly see map information, basic information, and more throughout a company by clicking on the Fast Facts button on the company dashboard.
    • You can now change the parent of a company password at any time. When creating the password, or editing the password!

    API Enhancements

    • API Keys can now be restricted by IP address(es)
    • New API documentation design
    • New API key design
    • Jump Endpoint allows you to easily jump to an asset in Hudu from a corresponding integration id.
    • Fixed Page Size bug on assets

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed expiration alert issue where some expirations were appearing when they were archived/deleted.
    • Fixed SAML issue with Microsoft 365 and Azure AD linked accounts.
    • Fixed issue with inaccurate reporting of O365 mailbox storage information.
    • Fixed issue with deleting companies.
    • Fixed bug regarding missing MAC addresses in our Syncro integration.

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