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    Release Notes

    Release Update: Hudu “Blaine” 2.1.1

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    Hudu 2.1.1 is out now. If we hadn’t already used the “Our Biggest Release Yet” tagline before, this would definitely be the release that got that label.

    This release contains two of our most anticipated features, as well as a myriad of little ones that you all have been requesting.

    This release is available now for self-hosted users who want to upgrade, and all hosted users will begin seeing it by the end of the week. If you are a hosted user and want to see Hudu 2.1.1 earlier than by the end of the week, please contact

    What’s changed:

    The Portal

    You can now share documentation with clients (in a read-only manner) via the Portal. You can activate a Portal as an admin or above and add documentation, websites, passwords, links, and more for your clients to see. Clients have the option of Dark Mode or Light Mode. Portal Members are not billed, so you can freely share your documentation without worries!


    You can now sync companies, locations, and contacts from Autotask into Hudu. This is our most requested integration, and we are happy to say it is finally here!

    Pulseway RMM

    You can now sync companies and devices from Pulseway RMM into Hudu.

    Improvements to Search

    Bad search is something that bugs the Hudu team. So, we are promising to continue releasing updates to our search system until it is fantastic! With one search, get companies, passwords, articles, assets, and more! By default, Hudu will perform a basic search for a fast, speedy experience. With one click, you can also search across ALL fields and find exactly what you need!

    Test 2FA before enabling

    Part of becoming a better product is admitting when you make mistakes. Not having a way to test 2FA before enabling has led to a LOT of support requests. Now, before you can enable Two Factor on your account, you need to test it!

    Show in List

    By default, fields will now not be shown in lists. However, admins can now choose which fields to show in list views. This makes loading long lists MUCH faster and keeps your documentation a lot more streamlined.


    We have created a Documentation Tools area within Hudu where admins can find helpful tools like Global Expiration Lists, Compromised Passwords, Gold Standards, Documentation Quality Reports, Process Completion Reports, and more.

    Global Process Templates

    You can now define global process templates to easily pull into companies. Things like Employee Onboarding Processes and Application Installations just got a lot easier!

    Password Lists

    You can now view company passwords in a list created per company. This makes it much easier to find passwords for a company. You can also see how many times each password has been found in Dark Web Data Breaches.

    Company Logos

    You can now add logos to each company.

    Company Notes

    You can now add Quick Notes to each company for any kind of note you might need to jot down.

    Add a Custom Favicon

    You can now brand Hudu even more. Add a custom favicon and Hudu will look even more like YOUR documentation system.

    Asset Layout Enhancements

    You can now add descriptions to each asset layout so technicians know exactly what to put in each one! We also added a restructure button for admins on each page so it is super easy to change.

    Design Enhancements

    • We updated the Hudu design a bit to streamline your documentation and make searching much easier. Processes got a responsive enhancement so they are much easier to read on mobile devices.
    • Phone numbers are now formatted in a much nicer format.

    Flag Filtering

    You can now easily filter through your flags within your account. Head to Tools -> Flag Review and begin filtering your flags 🚩🚩

    Password Sharing Enhancements

    Added more options to how long a password can be shared for.

    Integration Enhancements

    • Added copy email button to ConnectWise Manage and Syncro integrations.
    • Formatted ConnectWise Manage contacts in a more intuitive manner.
    • Added Legacy options to ConnectWise Manage.
    • Increased speed of ConnectWise Manage integration sync.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug relating to Quick Comment Spacing.
    • Fixed a bug relating to date calendars.
    • Fixed a bug relating to Syncro not adding Model/Manufacturer info
    • Fixed a bug relating to search in nested companies.

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