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    Release Notes

    Release: Hudu

    hero swoop

    + Highlighted Features

    • nAble nSight RMM integration
    • UX/UI Improvements
    • Important Bug Fixes

    + QOL Updates

    • Ability to delete Agreements Individually (as opposed to all at once)
    • Article Table of Contents feature now scrolls with you, to make it easier to hop around long articles

    + General Fixes

    • Fixes bug where only admins could create folders
    • Fixes bug that prevents certain CSV exports from working
    • Fixes bug where images could not center align
    • Fixes bug where DUO sync is different than other authenticators for our 2FA sign-in
    • Fixes bug with some articles not rendering correctly
    • Fixes bug with some domains not adding to WHOIS and DNS populations
    • Fixes bug where some animated gifs not working correctly when rendered in articles
    • Fixes bug where archived objects that had expirations – expirations were still showing up in the dashboard’s “Expiring Soon”
    • Fix bulk manage password bug

    + API Fixes/Updates

    • Integration Matchers are now available in the API
    • Add filter for enable sharing to articles endpoint

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