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    Release Notes

    Release: Hudu

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    This release coming March 22, 2022

    Happy March!

    In this new version of Hudu, our biggest new features are a revamped permissions system with impersonation capabilities, single expirations, and a cool new update for the password generator.

    Want to allow a client to manage their own documentation? Impersonate a lower level user to make sure they only have access to what you want them to see? Use a more memorable password generator? Change what categories of documentation a particular user can see? Then, this update is for you 🙂

    Full Release Notes

    • New Permissions System
      • Introduces ability to switch permission style to Allow List. Allow List allows you to add clients or users in to the Hudu account that can only see/access the companies that you allow them to access (instead of the inverse, the Deny List, where they see all companies by default, with optional restrictions)
      • Remove abilities from users in groups (ability to share, ability to access passwords, and more!)
      • New Bulk-Add Users to Groups
      • New Layout for Permissions
      • Change what asset layouts or categories a user can see/access
      • Impersonation Feature for Admins, so they can easily see what a user has access to, and what Hudu looks like for them.
    • Single Expirations
      • Send out alerts that apply to a single expiration, instead of a list (that’s still an option though!)
    • Additional Expiration Changes
      • Ability to specify a One-Time Expiration, or trigger Everyday (the previous default)
      • Ability to include archived objects in alerts
    • New Password Generator Option
      • Ability to do a word option for password generation – which combines random words with an option of delineation characters and number of words
    • New Invite Users page
      • Easily see what role and abilities a user will have
      • Bulk add users to a Hudu account
    • Expirations API
    • Be able to switch processes to one-column (or keep two-column layout)
    • Add Bash, TOML, Plain, JSON as options for code formatting in rich text editor
    • Add new autosave behavior and add additional alerts to make sure you are not losing data
    • Fix issue with characters in articles causing rendering issues
    • OTP Reveal – Closes after first round to prevent additional logging
    • OTP Copy without revealing – but still generates logs like you viewed it
    • Share Links – Disable user’s dark mode
    • Bulk Manage Articles
    • Ability to customize new user emails that are sent out of Hudu for new users
    • Add Help Article for OneLogin SSO/SAML
    • Add Notification of where to find exports in the notification email that is sent out
    • Change activity feeds to make action name most prominent instead of user
    • Who can view page? Allows you to easily see which users have access to information in Hudu
    • Add Healthcheck to Docker container – self-hosted
    • Update Docker-side infrastructure – self-hosted
    • For asset layouts, you can now add your own icons by specifying the code from FontAwesome
    • User search on the Hudu Admin > Users page
    • Breadcrumb fix for Companies page
    • Additional fixes/design changes

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