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    Release Notes

    Release Update: Hudu 2.1.2 r1

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    In one of Hudu’s biggest updates ever, we are happy to announce Hudu 2.1.2 r1. In this release, a lot has changed, including:

    New integrations


    We have added two of our most requested integrations in! You can now sync organizations and devices from NinjaRMM and Datto RMM. They both include enhanced sorting capabilities. Start setting these up in Admin -> Integrations

    New features

    PDF Runbooks

    Easily create PDF versions of your documentation. These are great for handing off documentation to clients or just keeping a copy for safe-keeping. You can white-label these, generate disclaimer pages, choose whether to mask passwords, and even put a watermark in. They will always include a table of contents so your clients can easily navigate through them. You can generate documentation for a company by going to Admin -> Exports.

    PDF versions of passwords, assets, processes, and more.

    We know it can be convenient to print off a copy of your documentation and take it on the go! You will see a PDF button on entities like assets, processes, and passwords so you can easily grab a PDF version and print them off.

    Photo Management

    Documentation is full of images. Site pics, pictures of diagrams, and more. Until today, there hasn’t really been a good solution for keeping them. With Hudu Photo Management, you can now easily drop (or paste from clipboard) images you would like to store. Easily caption them and they will now be searchable in your documentation. You can see a nice preview before opening them up as well! You can get started by customizing a custom asset and clicking Include Photos.

    Hudu Photo Management. Caption images, and easily search by them later on!

    Other Feature Enhancements

    • Brand your Hudu instance easier than ever before! Easily change the primary color of your Hudu instance by going to Admin -> Design.
    • Easily add descriptions to relations throughout Hudu.
    What editing a relation now looks like
    • Easily change filenames of uploaded files.
    • Portal users can now switch between light mode and dark mode on the sidebar.
    • Move assets and articles around easily with the Move feature.
    • URL has been added to the password list view
    • Brand new search with new, easier filtering capabilites
    What the new filters look like
    • Lots of API enhancements (customize page size, find by archived, card lookup API, and a whole lot more).
    • The Text Editor now supports copying and pasting images from the Desktop.
    • You can now add watermarks to PDF exports
    • No limits on number of pins.
    • Added company info to dashboard items for better readability.
    • Added company info to items in action bar for better readability.
    • Fixed wording of registrations for new users to be more clear.
    • Bulk Add websites to a company portal.
    • Easily change file names of uploaded files for better organization.
    • Added link to Roadmap and changelog in header.

    Bug Fixes

    – Fixed a bug with PDF exports that prevented companies being exported with slashes in the name.

    – Fixed a bug in some versions of Chrome that prevented search filters from being able to be clicked.

    – Fixed bug affecting some process tasks being deleted.

    Coming soon

    • One feature we really wanted to have with this release, but unfortunately did not make the cut was Duo 2FA
    • Enhanced sorting capabilities for ConnectWise Manage, Syncro, and Pulseway

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