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    Release Notes

    Release Update: Hudu 2.1.4 “Robbins”

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    All Improvements

    • Dark Mode – You now have the option of dark mode or light mode. These accompany the themes we released in the last version.
    • Domotz integration – You can now add Domotz devices into your companies and keep information up-to-date, automatically.
    • Limited Mode – If billing fails (for whatever reason) your Hudu will now go into “limited mode” as opposed to completely shutting down. This makes it so you always have access to critical passwords and documentation, even if there is a billing site failure or you cancel the service.
    • New Editor. Throughout the site, we have released a new editor that allows for much better editing throughout. Color editing, Youtube videos, image resizing, and a lot more.
    • New, easier navigation. We dropped the sidebar to return to a top navigation bar that should make it very easy to find your documentation.
    • Exact Mode in search. You can search by exact matches.
    • New password revision detail page – It is now much easier to see old versions of a password, in a timeline view.
    • Draft autosave – Articles now autosave as you write them, with an all new draft mode.
    • Process Template Filtering – We made it much easier to find and filter process templates.
    • New alerts – We added two new alert types to the Hudu Alert System: Password Change and Password View
    • Quick Hop – You can now hop between companies easily with the search bar.
    • Pinned Companies Dashboard – You can now see pinned companies on the dashboard.
    • Related Passwords – Now show up in sidebar. This makes it much easier to find related passwords.
    • Datto RMM – A lot of information has been added into the device detail page.
    • Last Viewed – You can now easily tell who recently viewed a password on the password detail page.
    • Ability to change the name of an asset.
    • Ability to change what your documentation structure is called (customers, clients, partners, locations, etc.)
    • Copy field now appears in full-width.
    • Bulk Manage Assets.
    • Export Assets to CSV.
    • New Dashboards for main Dashboard, Websites.
    • A new enhanced Portal Design.
    • Flag indicators in article listing pages
    • Ability for each company to have sub-companies.


    • Fixed issues with Safari Browser and opening pins, and certain dropdowns.
    • Fixed issues with Knowledge Base PDFs
    • Fixed problem with Ninja Integration and EU servers.
    • Fixed multiple issues with Watchman Monitoring integration


    • We removed the Aspen theme. The theme (a dark color) made it impossible to see when dark mode was enabled. We added a new theme, Boulder, which is a Navy Blue color.

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