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    Release Notes

    Release: Hudu 2.1.5 “Henning”

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    All Improvements

    • New, enhanced relations. You can now easily relate items in the sidebar, with categories grouped together.
    • Liongard Integration. Our newest integration, you can now bring in all environments, inspectors, and system data from Liongard.
    • Asset Tags. When assets are tagged, an inverse link now appears on the asset it was tagged towards.
    • QR Codes. Assets now have QR codes that will open up the link to the asset.
    • Toggle Split View on asset and website views.
    • Magic Dash – A brand new feature to easily script informational views from outside sources.
    • New streamlined header.
    • API Enhancement – Find asset by serial number endpoint
    • Job title has been added to our Syncro Integration.
    • Process Enhancement – Processes can now be attached directly to companies, instead of solely to relevant assets. This makes client/location onboarding processes very easy!
    • Process Enhancement – You can also mark a global process as an onboarding guide, meaning it is highlighted on all new clients.
    • We now use your system default font across Hudu.
    • Add company ID number for VATs, other company identification, etc.
    • You can now manually delete exports.
    • Loom videos are now supported as an embed.
    • diagrams are now supported.
    • API Enhancement – You can now restrict API keys to a specific client/company/location.
    • Asset Layouts can now be easily toggled inactive/active.
    • The custom favicon is now used for the Apple Touch Icon.
    • Primary fields. Integrations now sync into a number of primary fields for matching.
    • New max line size on articles.
    • User is now added on Connectwise Manage configurations
    • Asset Tags now show on asset listing pages.
    • Streamlined design of Hudu.
    • Multiple improvements regarding the Article Editor
      • Draft restores now happen automatically, you don’t have to click a “Restore” button to save time
      • Autosaving – we only send information back to the server when new changes are made, leading to a speedier editing experience.
      • “Are you sure you want to leave?” messages when you try and leave unsaved changes.
    • Asset Subcategories. You can now use asset subcategories to group assets together.
    • Better PDF Handbook design.
    • Added a “Common Admin Actions” section to the admin to make for quicker admin actions.
    • 2FA now includes a key with the QR code
    • Resizable sidebar. You can now resize the sidebar in Hudu. If you need a longer, wider sidebar, just drag it out!
    • Company Quick Adder – It is now easier than ever to add information to a company in Hudu. Use the “New…” button, and a list of options to add information into will pop up.


    • The Autotask integration now uses their new REST API, meaning faster syncs and a few syncing issues have now been resolved.
    • Fixed ability to remove the first super admin.
    • Fixed an issue where certain sign in attempts were not showing.
    • Fixed Safari PDF reader issue.
    • Fixed mobile pinned companies disappearing.
    • Trigger Password Viewed Alert on Edit Password
    • Dark mode. Color blocks are now fixed in the editor.
    • Add last user, service tag, warranty expiration to Datto RMM PDF.
    • Removed wave background on Reset Passwords.


    • Fast Facts was replaced by our new feature, Magic Dash.
    • We added a name for the shareable reports that processes are given: Status Reports

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