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    Release Notes

    Release: Hudu

    hero swoop

    + New Features

    • Password folders can now be specific to a single client
    • Ability to change DB Port for self-hosted
    • Automatic Client Logos – now, when you have a website URL in a Company, we will automatically look up a logo for you! Makes it much easier to have your clients branding inside of Hudu!
    • Support SHA 256 for SAML
    • CSV Import now adds the capability to specify password folders

    + Changes

    • Archived Websites will not trigger alerts for downed websites

    + QOL Updates

    • Add company logo back into the company page, with a copy button.
    • Add ability to see articles in larger view when wanting more screen real estate

    + Integration Updates/Fixes

    • Add additional fields to Autotask sync
    • Add additional fields to Halo PSA Sites

    + General Fixes

    • Fix URL encoding on 2FA QR Codes
    • Fix problems with Bulk Manage on Companies List
    • Fix for API issues
    • Fix bug when editing folder

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