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    Release Notes

    Minor Release: Hudu

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    What has changed:

    • Auvik Integration
    • Datto BCDR Integration
    • Secure Notes – A new feature that uses Zero Knowledge Encryption to share any type of note with a client – with full audit logging
    • Fixed Autotask syncing
    • Leaderboard feature allows you to measure engagement of the product over all-time, 30-day periods, and 90-day periods
    • Allow super admins to reset user passwords from the admin interface
    • Add ability to sync in Autotask Configurations
    • Fixed Domotz syncing. Added ability to only selectively allow which types you want in, instead of always requiring a default
    • Fixed issue where Asset Layouts that were referenced by rules in Integrations couldn’t be deleted
    • Added JumpCloud help article to SSO/SAML page
    • Added ability to use phones like 3cx to automatically jump to a contact via a phone URL from an integration
    • Add 2 and 4 hours as password sharing options
    • 2FA autocomplete is now turned off in Firefox
    • In Firefox, make 2FA focus by default
    • Fixed grammar on import page
    • Switch to Graphik as font across Hudu to unify design and improve readability
    • New dropdown in header allows easy access to navigation items and removes a lot of the clutter. This also lets us accomodate other tools in the header
    • Assets got a new design – Cards now appear below fields, and in a new streamlined format
    • Names in assets got streamlined. We listened to your feedback and removed a lot of the visual clutter on the asset page 🙂
    • Fix Firefox not respecting autofocus on logins
    • Fix Liongard content and not using the full width of the page
    • Add bigger disclaimer to external sharing toggle options in admin
    • Fix design of embedded KB articles
    • KB articles can now be iframed in external sources/documents without having to resort to proxies
    • New Folder API to utilize KB folders in the REST API
    • Fix o365 title bar in cards
    • Fix styled empty dashboard design where it collapses on itself until you add content
    • Change link color in dark mode to be a lot more readable and stand out on the background (it’s a lighter shade of your default colors)
    • Change wording in the relation tool from “Cancel”, which could get confusing, to “Close”
    • Fix booleans in the REST API from not saving
    • Fix SonicWall inspector types that come over from Liongard
    • Fix Rate Limit Optional Flag

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