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    Release Notes

    Hudu 2.0.7: Our Biggest Release Ever

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    Hudu 2.0.7 is finally rolling off the shelves. We are super excited to share it. It is by far our biggest release yet, with changes encompassing and changing multiple aspects of the Hudu architecture.

    Enhancements to Processes

    We heard you. While our Processes feature was extremely powerful, it was just too complicated. With 2.0.7, we have massively simplified and improved the architecture. Now, each company has Process Templates to utilize, and assets have Processes associated with them that are based on those Templates.

    New Text Editor

    For a documentation product, our old text editor was just not up to our quality standards. So, we improved it. Now, you can add tables, images, code blocks, and more. We also added a Full Screen option so you can focus on your writing.

    SAML Login

    With Hudu 2.0.7, you can now enable Single Sign On through SAML. We have created help desk articles for setting up common providers with Hudu. You can enable SAML login in the Admin area.


    Our old search was OK. In terms of search, it got the job done. However, at Hudu, we don’t just stop with OK. The new Hudu search has a brand new interface, faster results, and the ability to search all fields within your documentation. Finding documentation has never been easier!

    Improvements to Relating

    Now, Hudu supports three types of relating fields with the ability to add multiple relations in forms via the Link To Multiple Assets Field. We also renovated the way Related Items work. They are now displayed right above your documentation for easier viewing and navigation.

    Other Changes

    • Easy Read feature on all passwords. You can now easily distinguish characters in a password much easier.
    • New Design for Login Page
    • When you write Knowledge Base Articles, a Table of Contents will be automatically generated.
    • Ability to duplicate asset layouts.
    • Ability to have a different custom logo for shared resources.
    • Fixed bug in processes that caused duplicate entries.
    • Website fields now have two ways to open: Open in Same Tab, Open in New Tab.
    • You can now add relations to Knowledge Base Articles.
    • Email/Username field now is copyable in Asset Listing pages.
    • Various other changes/improvements/bug fixes.

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