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    Release Notes

    Hudu 2.0.4

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    Great news! It’s the first new Hudu release of the year! Hudu 2.0.4 is out!

    What’s changed:

    1. Widescreen. We made the design wider to take up all available space.
    2. We added the ability to archive users. Archived users will now be displayed on the Users page, in a tab labeled “Archived”. Archived users are not included in your billing and can not login. They may be unarchived at any time.
    3. We made improvements to the search. Searching is important, and we are 100% dedicated to making sure that search is speedy and quick for navigation around Hudu.
    4. Company expirations will now share the same layout as the global expirations page.
    5. We made the ability to permanent delete an ability of only admin and super admins. Editors can now only archive content.
    6. Various other bug fixes.

    Not currently using Hudu? Sign up for a demo here.

    The Hudu Team

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