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    Release Notes

    Release: Hudu 2.26

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    Happy August! The Hudu Team has released version 2.26 which includes:

    • We’ve now released our new self-service billing portal, Hudu HQ (available at will allow you to view invoices and manage your billing. Existing customers can easily transition to the new billing experience by first creating an account there, and then emailing the Hudu support team to link the account.
    • KB Print Option now prints to a much more readable PDF instead of HTML format.
    • API Attachment Endpoint – you can now add attachments to assets, passwords, and more via the API. Let’s get scripting!
    • Add Pulseway PSA endpoint as option for Kaseya BMS integration as an option
    • Fixed websites not refreshing if added via API.
    • UI/UX updates – options like Print, View Activity Logs, and more are now brought to the forefront for admins so it’s much easier to navigate critical functions of Hudu.
    • Multiple fixes/endpoints for API Swagger docs
    • Fixes for multiple bugs within Hudu.
    • UI/UX improvements throughout Hudu.

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