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    Release: Hudu Browser Extension 2.2 & 2.2.1

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    Staying within your workflow and being even more efficient is the entire focus of this release. Say "hi" to Hudu Assist, the new way to seamlessly access documentation, available in this release for HaloPSA, Syncro MSP, Autotask, and NinjaOne. 

    Assist - passwords

    Hudu Assist allows you to:

    • Access Instantly: Launch directly into the relevant Hudu screen from any asset in your PSA or RMM.
    • Retrieve Passwords Effortlessly: View and utilize child or related asset passwords without ever leaving your PSA or RMM environment, enhancing convenience.
    • Explore Related Assets: Discover connected assets directly from an asset page within your PSA or RMM, keeping everything you need in one place.
    • Preview and Download On-the-Go: Easily preview or download attached photos and files without navigating away from your current asset page in the PSA or RMM.
    • Access Knowledge Quickly: View related KB (Knowledge Base) articles inside Hudu Assist for instant access to essential reference documentation, right where you need it.
    • Navigate with Quick-Links: Utilize quick links to open related items inside of Hudu, ensuring you’re always just a click away from the information you need.
    • Evaluate Related Documentation at a Glance: View the number of related Hudu items with a documentation count preview when viewing an asset, enabling swift evaluation of available resources directly within your PSA or RMM environment.

    Bug Fixes (2.2.1)

    • Resolved an issue where a password's company was not displaying in the extension.
    • Resolved an issue where the browser extension would load a blank screen for some users.
    • Various other bug fixes and enhancements are also included in this release.

    Future releases will include more Hudu Assist integrations, ensuring you continue to have the information you need on the go, everywhere you go. Stay tuned and as always, we're here to assist (pun intended) you every step of the way!

    For more information on Hudu Assist, visit our Help Center.

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