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    Release Notes

    Release: Hudu 2.27

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    Happy September! The Hudu Team has released version 2.27 which includes:

    New Features:

    Introducing the Photo Gallery: Easily view, manage, and upload client photos all from a centralized gallery on the client Overview page.

    • Photo Sources: Photos can be uploaded directly to the gallery from the client Overview page. Additionally, photos attached to individual assets will automatically populate in this gallery.
    • Pinning Feature: Prioritize your important photos by pinning them. Pinned photos stay at the top of your gallery, whether they’re uploaded directly or attached to assets.
    • Top Photos Display: The gallery will always prominently display your top five photos (prioritizing pinned ones). To browse beyond these, use the ‘View All’ option.
    • Flexible Viewing Options: Customize your browsing experience with Grid or List view. Plus, find photos quickly by searching their names or sorting them based on age or alphabetical order.
    • See the support article to learn more

    IP Access Control for Enhanced Security: Directly from your Hudu admin page, you can now define which IP addresses are allowed access to your Hudu environment. See the support article to learn more.

    Dedicated S3 Export API Endpoint: We’ve introduced a new API endpoint specifically designed for initiating automatic S3 exports. Now it’s even more straightforward to export your data out of Hudu using the API.

    Enhanced Quick-Sharing for Passwords: You can now seamlessly include password notes, offering a more comprehensive sharing experience.


    Enhanced User Experience:

    • Asset Quick-Jump: For layouts with a single asset, users can now instantly jump into that asset, reinstating a previously available feature.
    • Profile Dropdown Redesign: We’ve refreshed the UI of the profile dropdown, making it more intuitive and providing quicker navigation to essential resources.

    Admin Interface Improvements:

    • Refreshed Admin Tab Design: Experience a cleaner, more intuitive, admin tab layout.
    • Sidebar Addition: A new sidebar has been incorporated for swift and seamless navigation through administrative features.
    • Reorganized Security Settings: For clarity and ease of access, security settings have been extracted from the General Settings and are now presented in a dedicated section.

    Bug Fixes & Enhancements:

    Enhanced User Management & Access:

    • Resolved an issue where portal users couldn’t be added once the license count was exceeded.
    • Rectified access problem for portal users trying to access the OAuth device page.

    Improved Document & Media Handling:

    • Fixed a printing error for KB articles containing images.
    • Resolved an error causing a blank black page when inputting certain phrases into the rich-text field of assets.

    UI & Display Corrections:

    • Adjusted the left navigation bar to ensure it’s no longer cut off on portrait monitors or smaller screen sizes.
    • Fixed a display issue where long-named entities disrupted the UI of the related items interface.
    • Resolved a problem where the password tag filter wouldn’t show results beyond the first page.

    Integration & Synchronization Fixes:

    • Fixed a Datto RMM integration bug that replaced the card with an incorrect asset card during resync.
    • Corrected an issue with Datto RMM auto-archiving active assets.
    • Addressed a problem with Autotask integration removing basic company details upon resync.
    • Resolved a pagination issue in Kaseya BMS integration causing it to not pull all companies.

    Miscellaneous Fixes:

    • Corrected a bug causing Hudu to enter Limited mode, despite correct billing.
    • Ensured URLs added to password fields default to “https” to prevent bad links.

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