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    Release Notes

    Release: Hudu

    hero swoop
    • Knowledge Base Improvements
      • New Text Editor across Hudu
      • HTML code editing
      • Fixes bugs with numbered lists and images
      • Enhanced Paste from Word, Enhanced Paste from Google Docs
      • Better Embedding of Youtube videos, network diagrams, etc.
      • Ability to do callouts to highlight important parts
      • Full Screen Editing
      • Full-Screen Layout when reading articles
      • Simplified KB codebase for a faster experience.
      • Add search within all folders or search within particular folder ability
    • Add Nato Phonetic mode to the Easy Read Feature
    • Process Enhancements
      • Ability to Add Completion Notes to Completed Tasks
      • Reverted back to showing
      • New Simplified Design
      • Print Enhancements – You can now print processes with task descriptions or without (the old default)
    • Bulk Password Management
      • Ability to move across companies, archive, delete passwords in mass
    • Fix bug where some Deletion Events weren’t getting logged
    • Indent Child Companies in Company List View
    • Fix bug with CSV importing into Vault Passwords
    • Fix issue where counts in Global Asset Search would display 0 depending on filters
    • Fix Password Export CSV issue
    • Add ability to parse .ca domains to Website Monitoring
    • Add file upload date and size to file attachments on hover
    • The admin now fully supports dark mode, instead of reverting back to light mode
    • Add additional fields to the Watchman Integration
    • Ability to set Default Password Generator Length across Hudu
    • Add QuickPass and CloudRadial to the Integrations page
    • Fixes regarding Secure Note Sharing – content overflows, and refresh issue
    • Copy Completed Processes – Show time and completion notes
    • Real-time sharing of all processes, not just child processes
    • Add additional icons as options for Asset Layouts
    • New Login Page Design
    • Allow CSV imports of OTP secret
    • Tags added to index view of Passwords
    • Halo Integration – Set Primary Email
    • New, revamped Activity Logs – filter/search/sorting
    • Username added to passwords list again
    • Persist a User’s choice on Open/Close Folders in Hudu Sidebar
    • CW Manage Integration Fixes – Company Type, Agreements, etc.
    • Be able to remove synced agreements from CW Manage
    • Add agreement sync from Syncro
    • Make Expiration Tag colors different, and allow custom css so users can manually change them
    • Dashboard – Pick a Cover Background for more customization
    • Liongard – Sync Friendly name as per suggestion from Liongard Staff
    • New Company Header – See Most Important Information, Improve Visual Formatting
    • Make Pinned Processes less prominent
    • Switch New User Form so email is the not first field to fill in
    • API – Endpoint for Relations – GET, DELETE, POST
    • API – Be able to list all Magic Dashes
    • API – Be able to list/read processes
    • Add indicator to press return on tag input to add tag

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