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    Release Notes

    Release: Hudu 2.24

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    The Hudu team is thrilled to announce Hudu 2.24, the latest version of our SOC 2 Type II documentation solution. This is the first part of a string of updates in which we are focusing on improving the base documentation system of Hudu. Integrations, improved search, a new knowledge base, a new permission management system, and more are all a part of our upcoming summer releases – as well as a “secret” surprise which will make using Hudu and your PSA/RMM a magical experience 🙂

    What’s changed

    • New Sidebar for Companies. We’ve redesigned the sidebar to be more intelligent when sorting, and to have an easier interface for responsive layouts.
    • New Relater. The new relater will make it much easier to add and remove relations in bulk. The more time we save our users, the better!
    • Improvements to Syncro and Repairshopr Integrations. As part of our new integrations overhaul, we are going through each integration and rehauling it. Our first part of this is happening today, with the launch of auto-archiving, auto-renaming, and infrastructure changes that will allow us to add more capabilities and more integrations in a very short amount of time.
    • Swagger API – Hudu has now switched to using a Swagger REST API Interface, which should make writing API scripts a breeze!
    • Integration – You can now connect and Hudu.
    • Add Filter for Updated At to the REST API
    • Fix Bug with article code expanding in CSS
    • Utilizing Tabs are now fixed inside of the Text Editor
    • Updated our Text Editor, squashing over 25+ bugs
    • Fix Website Expiration Bugs
    • Be able to Unlock User Accounts in the Hudu Admin section.

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