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    Release Notes

    Hudu 2.0.8 “Copperfield”

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    Another week, another update!

    While this update is not a massive overhaul, we have made lots of little changes with a focus on reducing clicks and friction to reach your documentation. We have also changed how we version Hudu updates. Now, each new update will get a nickname along with the specific version.

    Here is what changed in Hudu 2.0.8 Copperfield:

    1. Mark documentation as a “Gold Standard” to use it a shining example of high-quality documentation. To get started, simply head to an asset and click “Mark as Gold Standard”. Now all users will see it as they add and edit records within Hudu.
    2. Request features directly within Hudu! We have made it easier to request features for the Hudu team to build, right in Hudu! Just click on the sidebar, and click “Request a feature”.
    3. New design for assets, articles, and websites. We made it possible to see processes, passwords, and files on the same page as your information. Get to your documentation faster than ever before!
    4. Completely revamped Asset Layout Editor. Head to Admin -> Asset Layouts to see it in action!
    5. Processes are now optional. Include them in your assets, or not. Your choice.
    6. Search got another overhaul. We made the interface much simpler.
    7. Choose whether to monitor website DNS, WHOIS, and SSL information. All monitoring is now configurable.
    8. Add passwords to websites as well as assets.
    9. We included examples on how to setup automatic CSV exports. We also added the ability to configure encryption, something that allows the usage of many more providers!
    10. Revamped how session timeouts work and fixed a bug relating to them in Chrome.
    11. You can now disable sharing of all entities within Hudu. Head to Admin -> General to start.
    12. By default, articles are now not shared. You must enable sharing.
    13. We added additional info to Expiration Alerts to make them more helpful.
    14. Duplicating now allows you to choose a name before creating the duplicate.
    15. Fixed a Syncro integration bug where some companies were not syncing.
    16. We now have a way to alert you when new Hudu updates are available.
    17. Fixed a bug concerning Microsoft SAML.
    18. We enabled quick jumping in Hudu so if there is only one item in a list, it will hop to that item instead of taking you to the list first.
    19. Various bug fixes, product design improvements.

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