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    Release Notes

    Release: Mobile 2.0.1

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    In this small release we're delivering some improvements and bug fixes. 


    • Clear clipboard after 90 seconds: After copying a password or OTP, the users clipboard will be cleared after 90 seconds have elapsed for security purposes.
    • Added version check: If attempting to connect a Hudu instance that is not up-to-date with the latest mobile-compatible version, the app will now display an update warning.
    • Added patch versioning to Hudu Mobile settings.
    • Various UI/UX updates to match Hudu main app.

    Bug Fixes

    • Resolved an issue with iOS auto-fill where FaceID would not retry after a failed attempt.
    • Tackled a bug that was preventing password URLs from opening.
    • Fixed a bug resulting in OTP codes not copying when running the app on Mac.
    • Various other minor small bug fixes.
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