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    Organization and Structure

    Hudu Tips & Tricks:
    Asset Layouts

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    Asset Layouts

    When creating a new asset layout, Hudu provides templates to get started. These templates can be used in various ways to create the initial organization and structure of your Hudu environment. For example, the "Computer Assets" template may be used for desktops, workstations, laptops, etc. The fields may adjust based on the information you want to document, but the templates serve as a great place to start. We have linked 2 handouts (both have the same content, but we've provided them in both Excel and PDF, whichever you'd prefer) that have all of Hudu's pre-built asset layout templates, the default fields that come with them, folder ideas, and additional ideas for how you could use our templates:

    Asset Layouts Resource - Excel

    Asset Layouts Resource - PDF

    The templates can be a great place to start when building your asset layouts but you can also build them out from scratch, creating the different fields and field types that make the most sense for your company. All asset layouts are completely customizable, so the documentation that can be tracked through these asset layouts is endless. For additional reading on asset layouts, refer to our Optimizing Asset Layouts blog.

    Hide Empty

    Did you know you can also hide empty asset layouts? If you select this option, only populated core and customized asset layouts will be shown for each company, as shown in the images below. Additionally, whichever method you prefer, hidden or all shown, your selection will be saved for the next time you come back into this company.

    Asset Layout Hide Empty


    We Love to Hear It

    We've been using Hudu for our IT documentation needs since 2021, and it has truly transformed the way we manage our documentation and our client experience. We highly recommend Hudu to any organization looking to elevate their documentation game.

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    Greg W.President, Good Heart Technology

    good heart technology

    We moved to Hudu from another well known documentation platform. Out of all our IT stack, Hudu is probably the simplest product to pick up and use despite it being full of features that us MSPs love. We're so happy we made the move!

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    Aaron NihatDirector, Purple Cloud IT

    Purple Cloud
    Visit Purple Cloud IT

    Our team has found a platform that really stimulates best practice with business documentation. Hudu makes it easy to keep all client documentation organized right across the business spectrum…it's just easier than other platforms.

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    Tony CapewellDirector, Your Cloud Works Ltd.


    Standardization of processes drove our need for Hudu and in the end, the checklist feature and how we can assign checklists to any asset won us over. Hudu has certainly increased productivity and helped us adopt a culture of documenting.

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    Keith ParkerFounder/CEO, Methodology IT


    Hudu IT documentation boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface making it easy for both IT professionals and non-technical users to navigate and utilize the software effectively. It has comprehensive documentation abilities for all IT documentation.

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    Marc DriessenVice President, DMS ITech

    DMS IT Tech

    We have been very happy with the product, and how it keeps developing and adding features faster than anyone else. It’s the one app our technicians love more than everything else we use.

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    Ben FilippelliChief Technologist, Level5 Management


    Hudu is an easy-to-use documentation tool that is inexpensive yet powerful. It is a flexible documentation tool without long term contracts. All the customer data techs require is in one place - structured, properly laid out and easy to work with.

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    John KrikkeVP, Onward Computer Systems

    onward computer systems-1

    Having client knowledge base is huge for an MSP and Hudu handles that all for us. We can share secure notes from there as well, give access with portals and create an internal knowledge base.

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    Mitch RedekoppOwner, Rivercity Tech

    River City horizontal logo

    A cornerstone of our business. Thank you for making Hudu a solid dependable secure app.

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    Nicholas StangoOwner, Dataserv, LLC