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    PSA/RMM Integrations

    Integrate UniFi with Hudu

    Connect Ubiquiti UniFi with Hudu. Experience flawless data management, heightened productivity, and unmatched accuracy across your entire operational landscape.

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    Better Together

    The UniFi + Hudu integration allows you to connect the two IT environments to bring over UniFi information and seamlessly merge it with your Hudu documentation.

    Centralized Data Management

    Create a single source of truth. Automatically sync devices, network configurations, and port information from UniFi, ensuring that all essential data is consolidated within Hudu.

    Asset Automation

    Seamlessly create new assets in Hudu or update existing asset pages with new information from UniFi. Minimize manual entry and maintain up-to-date records effortlessly.

    Simplified Workflows

    With UniFi data integrated, all necessary information is on a unified platform, streamlining operations and saving valuable time. Your data where you need it.



    Easy as 1-2-3

    Step 1

    Input your Ubiquiti UniFi or Hostifi credentials and run an initial sync.

    Step 2

    Match or create companies and sort rules to map your information.

    Step 3

    Stop and start the sync again to populate asset layouts.


    How long does it take to set up the UniFi integration?


    Total setup time includes setting up the basic connection between the two environments (~5 minutes), matching/creating companies within Hudu from UniFi (~10 minutes), and mapping your UniFi information to the desired asset layouts within Hudu (~30 minutes).

    Total setup time: ~45 minutes


    ** Please note: the UniFi integration sync takes longer than most other integrations.

    How often do integrations sync?

    Native integrations will automatically re-sync (update) every 3 hours.
    You can also use either the global or the card-specific re-sync features to refresh native integration syncs at any point.

    What data is synced between UniFi and Hudu?

    The integration pulls companies, UniFi devices, client devices, network configurations, and port information from Ubiquiti UniFi into Hudu, mapped into Hudu asset layouts and networks based on rules set by the user.

    We Love to Hear It

    We've been using Hudu for our IT documentation needs since 2021, and it has truly transformed the way we manage our documentation and our client experience. We highly recommend Hudu to any organization looking to elevate their documentation game.

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    Greg W.President, Good Heart Technology

    good heart technology

    We moved to Hudu from another well known documentation platform. Out of all our IT stack, Hudu is probably the simplest product to pick up and use despite it being full of features that us MSPs love. We're so happy we made the move!

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    Aaron NihatDirector, Purple Cloud IT

    Purple Cloud
    Visit Purple Cloud IT

    Our team has found a platform that really stimulates best practice with business documentation. Hudu makes it easy to keep all client documentation organized right across the business spectrum…it's just easier than other platforms.

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    Tony CapewellDirector, Your Cloud Works Ltd.


    Standardization of processes drove our need for Hudu and in the end, the checklist feature and how we can assign checklists to any asset won us over. Hudu has certainly increased productivity and helped us adopt a culture of documenting.

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    Keith ParkerFounder/CEO, Methodology IT


    Hudu IT documentation boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface making it easy for both IT professionals and non-technical users to navigate and utilize the software effectively. It has comprehensive documentation abilities for all IT documentation.

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    Marc DriessenVice President, DMS ITech

    DMS IT Tech

    We have been very happy with the product, and how it keeps developing and adding features faster than anyone else. It’s the one app our technicians love more than everything else we use.

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    Ben FilippelliChief Technologist, Level5 Management


    Hudu is an easy-to-use documentation tool that is inexpensive yet powerful. It is a flexible documentation tool without long term contracts. All the customer data techs require is in one place - structured, properly laid out and easy to work with.

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    John KrikkeVP, Onward Computer Systems

    onward computer systems-1

    Having client knowledge base is huge for an MSP and Hudu handles that all for us. We can share secure notes from there as well, give access with portals and create an internal knowledge base.

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    Mitch RedekoppOwner, Rivercity Tech

    River City horizontal logo

    A cornerstone of our business. Thank you for making Hudu a solid dependable secure app.

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    Nicholas StangoOwner, Dataserv, LLC