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    The importance of flagging

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    One of the features Hudu launched with was the ability to flag all companies, articles, and assets. In subsequent releases, we have only improved Hudu’s ability to flag. Our goal is to make flagging a simple way to quickly locate areas of your documentation that need review. Flagging is available to all users at or above the role of Editor.

    Why is it important?

    Flagging is a critical part of good IT documentation. Flags indicate that a certain piece of documentation needs more work. When documentation has been flagged, anyone who views that documentation in the future will know to improve that documentation, or in some cases, know the level of trust they can place in that documentation.

    Flags can be customized by admins or above. Common flag types are:

    1. Outdated. A quick way to know if the information in your documentation is old or stale. This might be an indication that the entity needs to be archived.
    2. Incomplete. Occasionally documentation can be created that may contain less than the full picture. This flag signals that the entity needs more time and effort spent.
    3. Contains plain-text passwords. Sometimes passwords can slip through the cracks, and a password can show in plain text. This flag will indicate that someone needs to convert the plain-text password to an encrypted password.
    4. Duplicate. While Hudu’s documentation detector is smart enough to automatically detect most duplication and warn you, sometimes entities will slip past our detectors.

    Happy flagging!

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