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    Release Notes

    ScreenConnect Helper 1.6.0

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    The Hudu team is committed to ensuring you have the documentation you need when you need it. We're excited to announce some recent updates and bug fixes related to our CW ScreenConnect Helper.


    1. Switch URLs with Ease: We understand the frustration of encountering a 403 (forbidden) error while logged into Helper. That's why we've introduced a new feature that allows you to effortlessly switch the instance URL. Now, navigating through Helper is even more convenient, ensuring you can access the necessary resources without unnecessary barriers.
    2. Clearer Updates for ConnectWise: We've corrected our ConnectWise ScreenConnect Helper versioning system. You can now easily discern major and minor patch details, providing greater clarity and transparency in understanding the changes and updates with ScreenConnect Helper. 

    Bug Fixes:

    1. Speedier Performance: We've addressed an issue with the article endpoint causing some users to experience sluggish performance. With this bug squashed, you can expect smoother navigation and faster loading times, allowing you to access information quickly.
    2. ScreenConnect Helper Unfrozen: ScreenConnect Helper used to freeze when attempting to access client passwords. With this issue resolved, you can confidently manage client passwords without interruptions or delays.


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