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    Release Notes

    ConnectWise Control Helper [Now Available]

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    Hudu’s ConnectWise Control Helper

    Our ConnectWise Control Helper seamlessly integrates Hudu into the Control software, providing access to passwords and KB articles without leaving your remote control session!

    Within the ConnectWise Helper, you can:

    • Bring in your documented passwords
      • Quick access username, password, and OTP sent directly to the focused text on remote devices.
      • Filter & search your passwords in the access control menu.
    • View and access your vaulted passwords
      • Utilizes the same quick access features as passwords.
      • Search for vaulted passwords.
    • Access your Hudu knowledge base
      • View any articles (including PDF).
      • Can be searched or filtered through the company drop-down selector.


    Commonly Asked Questions

    Q: What information does the ConnectWise Control extension bring in from Hudu?
    A: The extension will pull in your Passwords, Personal Vault, and Knowledge Base Articles to the helper.

    Q: Where to get started?
    A: Check out our documentation and setup instructions here – Enabling the CW Control Helper

    Q: What version of Hudu do I need to be on?
    A: For compatibility, be sure you’re on at least version 2.22

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