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    Release Notes

    Release: Hudu Mobile App 2.0.0

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    Announcing Hudu Mobile 2.0.0, the latest version of our SOC 2 Type 2 mobile app for Apple and Android devices. In this release, we focused on improving the mobile app’s functionality and performance, integrating processes, and matching the usability of the main app.

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    New Features

    • Processes now available! Create new processes from templates, view all client processes, and complete tasks directly within the mobile app.
    • Quick-Add floating action button added for creating new records.
      • Allows creation of company passwords, vault passwords, processes, and KB articles (company and global) from any screen.
    • Now available to download on Apple silicone Macs (requires macOS Big Sur or later).
    • Customize and set idle user timeout duration in the main app Admin section.
    • Enable/disable biometric authentication added to main app Admin section.
      • Added the ability to customize and set the time biometric authentication is valid for a user.
    • Disable mobile access from within the main app Admin section.
    • Open native maps: Action button added to the Company Overview page to open addresses in Apple or Google Maps.
    • Call phone number: Action button added to Company Overview to directly call client phone numbers.
    • KB article flags are now displayed when viewing KB articles.
    • KB article draft status is now displayed when viewing the article lists.


    • New dashboard design allows for quickly accessing favorited companies, passwords, and articles, while the Recents tab allows you to easily navigate back to previously viewed items.
    • All Companies view improvements:
      • View a list of all company/client environments from the Companies tab or use the Favorites tab to narrow down.
      • Choose any two records [Password, Processes, KB Articles] to be displayed on each company from the Settings tab to quickly view and access the respective tool sections.
    • UI/UX for folders updated across various tools (Passwords, Client KB, Global KB) to improve navigation.
    • Updated search functionality across application: Search globally (all items) or filter by Company, Password, or KB article to quickly find information.
    • Enhanced mobile login process.
    • Made improvements to auto-filling Hudu passwords.
    • Improved the list scrubber to assist in navigating long company lists.
    • Improved biometric authentication when viewing passwords and TOTP codes.
    • Mobile theme colors updated to match main app.
    • Mobile icons updated to match main app.
    • Various other UI/UX improvements across the app.

    Bug Fixes

    • Resolved issues where Hudu mobile was not recognized by device password managers.
    • Resolved an issue where the mobile app sign-in would expire prematurely.
    • Addressed a bug with FaceID sign-on expiring.
    • Fixed an issue where the mobile app would require a 2FA code each time you signed in (regardless of user timeout set).
    • Fixed an issue where company maps were not displaying correctly on the Overview page.
    • Resolved an error code issue when inputting instance URL.
    • Various other minor bug fixes and enhancements.
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