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    Release Notes

    Release: Browser Extension 2.2.2

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    Upgrade Your Browsing Experience: Hudu Browser Extension v2.2.2 is here (and now available on Mozilla Firefox). This update focused on autofill capabilities and added the ability to utilize your custom Halo and NinjaOne URLs for Hudu Assist.


    • Hudu Assist now supports custom Halo domain URLs.
    • Hudu Assist now supports utilizing .rmmservice NinjaOne domains.
    • Browser Extension updated to support additional multi-stage logins.
    • Added a setting to disable the Credential Helper from the browser extension settings.

    Bug Fixes

    We've ironed out several bugs to ensure a more fluid experience:

    • Resolved an issue where the browser extension would not autofill OTP on sites.
    • Addressed a bug preventing redirection to the dashboard when using DUO.
    • Various other minor enhancements and bug fixes.
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