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    Release Notes

    Mobile Release: Release 2.1.0

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    Mobile release 2.1.0 is live. We've added some extremely useful photo capabilities, plus made some significant improvements to dark mode, authentication security and more.

    Note: Users who have enabled biometric authentication for the Hudu mobile app will need to re-enable it after this update via the mobile settings. Your instance of Hudu must be on release 2.32.6 and your mobile device must be on iOS 15/Android 10 (Quince Tart) at a minimum to function.

    New Features

    • Mobile photos: Upload photos directly from your mobile device using the Hudu app. Upload multiple photos from your camera roll or take a new photo, select the company, rename the photo, and select a parent asset within the selected company if needed. Easily swipe through all existing photos within a company, rename, pin/unpin, and view photo details.


    • Improved Biometric Authentication: Biometric authentication has been revamped to increase security while still providing a seamless login experience. 

    • Updated UI Colors: Most notably in dark mode, UI colors have now been updated to match other Hudu applications.

    • Improved Dropdown Menus: Minor improvements to the dropdown menu’s selection UI.

    Bug Fixes

    We have also fixed several bugs to ensure a smoother experience:

    • Removed MyVault, Company Passwords, and Global KB UI for users restricted from these features.

    • Various other minor bug fixes and enhancements.

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