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    Hudu & You: A Magical 2023

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    Reflecting on 2023, What a Magical Year 

    To all of you who Hudu,  

    We just wanted to take a moment to kick back, relax, and reflect on all the amazing things we accomplished together in 2023. Your support means the world to us, and it’s been awesome having you with us every step of the way. So, grab a cup of coffee (or your favorite beverage), and let’s dive into some of the cool stuff that happened last year.

    We released a lot of great features

    1. ConnectWise ScreenConnect Extension: Revolutionizing support, this extension allows seamless access to KB articles and credentials directly within your ConnectWise ScreenConnect instance.
    2. Photo Gallery: Centralize your photo storage with our latest documentation tool. Attach photos to assets or directly add them to the gallery for a unified view of all client images.
    3. Hudu HQ - A New Billing Portal: We introduced Hudu HQ to make it easy for you to view account details, update licensed users, and manage billing information.
    4. Enhanced Security with IP Access Control: Elevating your security measures, this feature is now a default in all environments, allowing you to further control access to data.
    5. Process Overhaul: Streamlining task management, our new system allows for efficient assignment, prioritization, and scheduling, enhancing visibility for technicians.
    6. New Related Items Interface: Redesigned for efficiency when adding and removing relationships.
    7. Enhanced Markdown in WYSIWYG Editors: Offering more flexibility in content creation.
    8. Revamped Browser Extension: Rebuilt based on your feedback, including a Firefox version, to enhance user experience.
    9. UI Enhancements: From a new sidebar design to a revamped company page and admin interface, we focused on intuitive navigation and access to data.
    10. Improved Leaderboard & Gamification: Upgraded performance tracking to improve gamification and make documentation more engaging and fun.
    11. Customizable Exports via API: Empowering you to create tailored exports in various formats.
    12. API Enhancements: Featuring a Swagger REST API interface for easier use and more efficient data management.

    We expanded integrations

    1. OpenAI: Harness the power of AI to draft articles efficiently.
    2. FontAwesome 6 & Google Fonts: Customize your Hudu application with an extensive collection of icons and fonts.
    3. Rebuilt Syncro and Repairshopr Integrations: Experience improved consistency and auto-updating features.
    4. & Pulseway PSA Integrations: Seamlessly integrate PSA information into your Hudu environment.

    And did some other cool stuff

    1. Hudu’s new logo and website: We relaunched our site with more resources and information, and debuted our new logo.
    2. IT Nation Appearance: We made our conference debut at IT Nation. It was great meeting so many customers and talking to those thinking about joining our rapidly growing documentation family.
    3. Investment from Arthur Ventures: A testament to our growth potential and commitment to innovation.
    4. Build a Feature with Hudu: In December we did something different, inviting our community to provide input on upcoming features. You really spoke out, and we really appreciate it. Look to early 2024 for those features to become reality!

    Of course, we’ve documented every release carefully; you can find all our release notes in our other blog posts.

    We're not just about making great products; we're about building strong relationships with you, our incredible customers. Our journey is shaped by your feedback, and we're dedicated to continual improvement and innovation. Whether you participate in our community, follow us on socials, or drop a note to Support, we want to hear from you.

    Thanks for an amazing 2023. We're already at work to deliver for you in 2024 and we’ve got some exciting plans up our sleeves. 

    Here's to another year of shared success!

    The Hudu Team

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